fear of death

meditation and death

it is recommended to contemplate mortality frequently

if this concept is a new thought it causes debilitating fear

the point is to transform that fear otherwise it runs your life without you ever realizing it

this is also used in stoicism, thinking of something worse than a situation, enhances your view

Raga (greed, desire), Dwesha (anger) and Moha (delusion)





  • thinking about the PRESENT is generally SANITY
  • thinking too much about the FUTURE causes ANXIETY
  • thinking too much about the PAST causes DEPRESSION
  • do not look away
  • do not reject
  • do not cling
  • there is natural suffering and unnatural suffering
  • physical pain, illness, death
  • suffering that is unnatural is not physical


five hindrances to meditation

  1. desire, clingling, craving
  2. aversion, anger, hatred
  3. sleepiness, sloth
  4. restlessness
  5. doubt


meditation is about understanding the causes of suffering


the future

  • death causes aversion which causes fear
  • the fear of death is that some time in the FUTURE we will die
  • thinking too much about the future causes ANXIETY
  • fear of death can cause people to become anxious about clinging to pleasure

clinging pleasure

  • the nature of our bodies is they will die
  • the same goes for our 5 senses - sight, smell, taste, sound, touch
  • we will get an illness or have an accident
  • you cannot prevent death
  • you can reduce the risk of death
  • the fear of death is natural